How Many People Use Bing? 51 Bing Statistics

How Many People Use Bing? 51 Bing Statistics

If you're wondering how many people use Bing, you've come to the right place.

Despite its seeming lack of popularity, Bing is the second most used search engine in the entire world.

In fact, Bing gets more than 1 billion visits every month.

Keep reading to find new stats, facts, and trends related to Bing's usage and revenue.

Let's dive in.

Key Bing Statistics

  1. Bing is the second most used search engine in the entire world, ranking behind Google.
  2. Bing gets more than 1 billion visits every month.
  3. Microsoft generated $8.53 billion in revenue from search advertising in the 2021 fiscal year.
  4. Bing processes around 900 million searches every day, with the top search term being "Google."
  5. Bing has a 2.47% market share of the search engine market.
  6. Bing is available in 105 languages and 238 countries.
  7. Bing has a 38.46% market share among US console users.
  8. About 85% of Bing's global users are located in the US.
  9. Bing is owned by Microsoft and began as MSN Live Search in 1998.
  10. Almost 50% of all Bing searches in the US are done through Windows 10, where Bing is the default search option.
  11. Bing's ads have a higher click through rate than Google's, with analyses showing conversions of about 45% higher depending on the industry.

Chapter 1: Bing Usage - How Many People Use Bing?

Bing Monthly Users

bing monthly users
  • Bing gets more than 1 billion visits every month.
  • Bing's lowest monthly users in 2021 were in February, when there were just 936 million unique page visits.

Bing Average Daily Usage

  • There are about 900 million searches per day through Bing.
  • About 48% of Bing's daily searches are through Windows 10 setups.
number of bing searches per day

Bing Number of App Downloads

Bing Number of App Downloads
  • The Microsoft Bing Search app was downloaded 120,000 times in October 2021 - across iOS and Android platforms combined.
  • The Bing Search app has a rating of 4.5 stars with over 220,000 votes on the Google Play store.
  • The Bing Search app has a rating of 4.7 stars with nearly 100,000 reviews on the Apple iOS store.

Monthly Search Volume of Bing Worldwide

  • On average, Bing gets more than 1 billion searches every month.
  • Bing is available to use in 238 countries globally.

Monthly Search Volume of Bing in the US

  • About 126 million unique people in the US use Bing every month.
  • Bing makes up 1/3 of the desktop searches done in the US.
Monthly Search Volume of Bing in the US

Chapter 2: Bing Market Share

Bing Market Share by Country

  • Bing's largest market share is in the US, where it makes up about 6.5% of the market.
  • Bing has the second largest market share (behind Google) in Germany, the UK, France, India, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Australia, and Mexico.

Bing vs. Google Market Share

Bing vs. Google Market Share
  • Bing's 2021 market share of the worldwide search engine market is 2.47%. Google's market share is 92.13%.
  • Bing’s market share peaked at 3.63% in 2014.
  • Despite having a low market share, Bing is the second most used search engine globally.

Bing Market Share of Worldwide Search Engine Market

Year Market Share
2021 2.47%
2020 2.71%
2019 2.7%
2018 2.44%
2017 2.82%
2016 2.76%
2015 2.79%
2014 3.02%
2013 3.36%
2012 3.09%
2011 3.57%
2010 3.46%
2009 2.3%
  • Bing's market share of the global search market was 2.47% in 2021.
  • Bing's total worldwide market share has never gone over 3.64%.

Google makes up more than 90% of the search engine market share in nearly every sector across nearly every country. By performing second in multiple countries, Bing actually has a significant market share compared to other competitors.

Bing Market Share of Desktop Search Engine Market

Bing Market Share of Desktop Search Engine Market
Year Market Share
2021 6.15%
2020 6.15%
2019 4.85%
2018 5.48%
2017 5.07%
2016 4.36%
2015 4.13%
2014 4.37%
2013 3.66%
2012 3.35%
2011 3.74%
2010 3.53%
2009 2.32%
  • Bing's market share of the global desktop market was 6.15% in 2021.
  • By comparison, Google has a market share of 86.82% when it comes to desktop searches.
  • In 2009, Bing's desktop market share was just 2.32%.

Bing Market Share Among Console Users

Year Market Share
2021 27.6%
2020 30.82%
2019 29.88%
2018 35.57%
2017 31.65%
2016 18.82%
2015 21.34%
2014 16.6%
2013 1.87%
2012 1.06%
  • Bing's market share among console users in the US was 38.5% in 2021.
  • Bing's market share among console users globally was 27.6% in 2021.

Console searches are where Bing has the largest market share. Part of this is because the Xbox system uses Bing as its default search system. Since Xbox users make up a large portion of console gamers in the US and abroad, Bing easily cuts into Google's majority.

Bing Market Share in the US

Year Market Share
2021 5.85%
2020 6.63%
2019 6.13%
2018 6.8%
2017 6.57%
2016 6.7%
2015 8.49%
2014 9.9%
2013 9.62%
2012 8.58%
2011 8.24%
2010 7.97%
2009 5.91%
  • Bing's has a 5.95% market share in the US search engine market when taking into account all device types.
  • Bing's peak market share in the US was in 2014, when it had 9.9% of the market.
Bing market share in the US

Bing performs much better in the US than it does on a global level. Even in other countries where it is the second most-used engine by search volume, it doesn't often have more than 2% of the market share.

Bing's US performance is a combination of its default settings on Windows and Xbox, along with its rewards program. Users in the US are more likely to use Bing based on the ability to accumulate rewards points.

Chapter 3: Bing Advertising and Marketing Statistics

Bing Search Advertising Revenue

  • Microsoft's search advertising revenue in 2021 was about $8.5 billion. That's an increase of 10.2% from $7.74 billion in 2020.
  • By comparison, Bing's search advertising revenue in 2016 was just $5.4 billion.
bing revenue
Fiscal Year (Ends On June 30) Search Advertising Revenue
2021 $8.53 billion
2020 $7.74 billion
2019 $7.63 billion
2018 $7.01 billion
2017 $6.22 billion
2016 $5.43 billion

Between 2009 and 2019, Bing and Yahoo had an agreement. During this time period, Yahoo earned a portion of Bing's ad revenue in exchange for replacing its search engine with Bing's. Between 2009 and 2014, Yahoo earned nearly 90% of Bing's ad revenue.

Bing Net Worth/Valuation

  • One analysis estimates that Bing is worth about $4 billion.
  • Microsoft has not published specific details on the net worth or valuation of Bing internally.
bing net worth or valuation

It's difficult to estimate the net worth of Bing because it functions as a subsidiary of Microsoft. Since it isn't publicly traded, Microsoft is under no obligation to publish information about the valuation of the company.

However, based on the website's user statistics, analysts believe that the site itself is worth about $4 billion. Microsoft also bought Powerset, which created Bing, for $100 million back in 2008.

Google made a deal with Mozilla back in 2011. The company paid Mozilla $1 billion not to switch their default search engine to Bing. This indicates that Google considers Bing a formidable competitor and is willing to pay handsomely to undercut their potential advantages.

Chapter 4: Bing Availability

In how many languages is Bing available?

Bing is available and can be used in 105 languages.

In how many languages is Bing available?

In how many countries is Bing available?

Bing can be used in 238 countries and territories globally.

In how many countries is Bing available?

Chapter 5: Bing Visits & Searches

Bing Number of Total Visits

Bing visits

Here’s a table showing the number of total monthly visits to Bing since May 2019:

Date Number Of Total Visits
May 2019 1.034 billion
June 2019 998 million
July 2019 998 million
August 2019 965.5 million
September 2019 950 million
October 2019 963.5 million
November 2019 915.5 million
December 2019 930.5 million
January 2020 917.5 million
February 2020 849.5 million
March 2020 918.5 million
April 2020 931 million
May 2020 936.5 million
June 2020 930 million
July 2020 982 million
August 2020 1.006 billion
September 2020 986 million
October 2020 1.021 billion
November 2020 1.012 billion
December 2020 1.067 billion
January 2021 1.034 billion
June 2021 1.085 billion
September 2021 1.066 billion
  • had 1.066 billion total visits across desktop & mobile in September 2021. This was a slight decrease from 1.067 billion visits in December 2020.
  • The lowest number of total Bing visits by unique users was recorded in February 2020, with just 850 million.

The unique users make up just a fraction of the total clicks, though. There are somewhere between 900 million and 1 billion searches on Bing every single day. That means that on a monthly basis, people create about 30 million Bing searches.

Those numbers also don't take into account how many times people visit the homepage because it's their default when they open their browser.

Most Popular Searches on Bing Worldwide

  • The three most popular searches on Bing in the world are Google, Youtube, and Facebook.
  • The next four most popular searches on Bing in the world are Gmail, Amazon, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
most popular searches on bing

Here’s a list of the most common searches on Bing worldwide according to

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Gmail
  5. Amazon
  6. Yahoo
  7. Hotmail
  8. Open apk file
  9. Bing homepage quiz
  10. Bing
  11. eBay
  12. Facebook log in
  13. Yahoo mail
  14. News for you
  15. Netflix
  16. Open crdownload file
  17. Top stories
  18. Google maps
  19. Weekly quiz
  20. How to get help in windows 10

People mostly use Bing to navigate to other well-known websites. For example, people tend to use Bing to get to Google, which is where they put in their actual search queries. They also use Bing to access sites like Facebook and Amazon.

Some of these searches might be inflated because of the older userbase. Older people are more likely to type a website into a search engine, rather than simply entering the URL into their browser.

Most Popular Searches on Bing in the US

  • In the US, the top four Bing searches are Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Gmail.
  • In the US, the fifth most popular search is for "Bing homepage quiz."

Here are the 20 most popular Bing searches in the US according to

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Google
  4. Gmail
  5. Bing homepage quiz
  6. Amazon
  7. Bing
  8. News for you
  9. Yahoo
  10. eBay
  11. Top stories
  12. Facebook log in
  13. Weekly quiz
  14. Yahoo mail
  15. Walmart
  16. US news
  17. Fox News
  18. Bing weekly quiz
  19. Google maps
  20. NFL

Facebook is the top search in the US for a reason. Analysis shows that Facebook and its associated companies are some of the most used social media in the US. People also often use Bing to navigate to Youtube, where they search for video answers to their questions.

Chapter 6: US Bing Customer Statistics

  • About 85% of the people who use Bing are located in the US.
  • Bing is responsible for about 4% of organic searches done in the US.
  • Bing makes up about 30% of the searches done by people in the US.
percent of bing users in the usa

Bing customers are overwhelmingly located in the US. Though about one third of United States search traffic goes through Bing, only about 4% of organic searches are done through the engine. Most other organic searches are done through Google or occasionally Yahoo.

Almost 70% of Bing's total searches come from people who are trying to reach other major websites, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Bing users skew older in the US, with 70% being over the age of 35. They also tend to skew richer, with a much larger portion making $40,000 or more individually on an annual basis than you'll find with Google or Yahoo.

Chapter 7: Bing Demographics

Bing Demographics by Age

  • Over 70% of people who use Bing are more than 35 years old.
  • More than 50% of people who use Bing are more than 45 years old.
  • Less than 30% of people who use Bing are less than 35 years old.

Bing Demographics by Gender

  • Bing is used equally by women and men.
  • Over 40% of people who use Bing are married, while less than one third don't have a partner.

Bing Demographics by Income

  • People who use Bing tend to be high earners, with nearly 1 in 3 having an income greater than $100,000.
  • Only 8% of Bing users have an income of under $25,000 yearly.
  • About 35% of Bing users have an income between $40,000 and $100,000.

Bing Demographics by Education

  • About 1 in 3 Bing users has their Bachelor's degree.
  • Another 17% of Bing users have a graduate degree of some kind.

These statistics indicate that Bing appeals to people with a high level of education.

Chapter 8: Statistics on Bing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Bing's market share and search volume remained relatively steady throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Bing has introduced multiple tracking tools to follow coronavirus cases throughout different regions of the world.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Bing's search volumes and market share remained relatively steady.

They had the lowest search volume of 2020 in February, toward the beginning of the pandemic in the US. However, the low volume wasn't significant enough to be definitely related to COVID.

Online traffic in general increased significantly during COVID, so it's interesting that this doesn't seem to be reflected in Bing's stats.

Many people began getting more of their entertainment and doing their shopping through the web. For most of 2020 and 2021, Bing saw more than a billion active users every month.

Bing's daily usage did seem to increase somewhat during the coronavirus pandemic. There were upwards of 900 million searches logged every day, though most were just searching for the homepage of another popular website.

In April of 2020, Bing partnered with GoFundMe in order to assist businesses struggling due to coronavirus quarantine protocols.

They also created multiple tools to help with tracking and research of coronavirus cases all over the globe. All of Bing's coronavirus data was released to academics and researchers to help with COVID research.

The search engine's COVID tracking tools were often easier to use and more detailed than Google's.

Their release of data was also a good PR move, as it showed that Microsoft cared about making sure researchers had the most relevant information about COVID.

Chapter 9: Interesting Facts About Bing

  • Bing is the default search engine on Windows, with almost half of its searches being done through Windows 10.
  • Bing's shopping ads have a click through rate that is 45% higher than Google's.
  • Bing has a rewards program for users who search frequently.

When was the last time you actively went to to complete a search? Do you know anybody who uses as their preferred search engine?

Probably not. And yet one third of the searches in the US go through this engine.

Bing has gained a lot of ground through being the default search option on Windows. Around 48% of their desktop traffic is done through Windows 10. When you enter a search prompt into Windows 10, it automatically uses the Bing system to find your queries.

It's evident that a lot of people use Bing simply to navigate to other search engines. That's why terms like Google and Yahoo are among their most searched options worldwide. People also use Bing to access other websites, such as Facebook and Youtube.

Many of Bing's search queries also come from Xbox gaming systems. The Xbox may be singlehandedly responsible for Bing's massive market share of search engines on gaming consoles.

Though Bing has significantly fewer searches and active users than Google, they do have more effective advertising. There is research indicating that Bing ads get about 45% more click through than Google ones. This may be due to a combination of Bing's demographics and better algorithm targeting.

Bing Rewards is one of the ways that Microsoft encourages people to use Bing. It is especially targeted toward younger people and others who might be averse to the default search engine on their Windows computer.

Bing Rewards has been around since 2010. At the time, it was highly unusual for a search engine to offer a loyalty program. However, their model has since been replicated by other small search engines. In addition, it's not strange for large companies like Microsoft to have loyalty programs.

When you sign up for a Bing Rewards account, you can get credits for searching across all devices. In addition to getting credits for Bing searches, you can be credited for looking at new search engine features and doing other tasks.

The rewards program uses a tiered approach. That means that the more you use the search engine, the higher your ranking will be. Members with Silver and Gold rankings are eligible for better rewards.

To become a Silver member, people must accumulate 200 credits and redeem at least one reward. To become a Gold member, people must have accumulated at least 750 credits and make at least 150 searches through Bing every month.

Some of the available rewards include gift cards for online retailers, gas stations, and fast food restaurants. The rewards will vary depending on the time period. Microsoft has partnered with a variety of different companies to help expand their rewards section.

You can also use Bing rewards points to accumulate frequent flyer miles or points for hotel loyalty programs. This appeals to people who travel a lot, whether for vacation or for work.

Many of the available rewards are for Microsoft products as well.

Chapter 10: Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Bing?

Bing is owned by Microsoft. It began as Windows Live Search, but was rebranded in 2009 after the company did a fair amount of market testing.

who owns bing

There was a ten year contract made between Yahoo and Microsoft in 2009. With this deal, Bing replaced Yahoo's search engine. But Yahoo users would still interact with the same interface.

During the first half of the decade of this contract, Yahoo was able to keep 88% of all advertising revenue. In addition, Yahoo was given rights to place ads on certain Microsoft websites.

How old is Bing?

Bing officially came into being in June of 2009. Prior to that, though, the system was called Microsoft Live Search. And there were several rebranding moments before that as well.

how old is bing

The history of the search engine really starts back in 1998. This was when Microsoft launched its MSN Search engine. It was one of the first search engines globally, and it also functioned as a web index and web crawler. Results were archived and updated on a daily basis.

The search results for this engine were powered using Inktomi at first. Early in 1999, the search engine began to combine Inktomi and Looksmart listings. Rather than continuing to use third parties, Microsoft created a web crawler of its own for MSN Search.

By February of 2005, MSN Search was using its proprietary web crawler to index search listings. It also allowed other search engines to use its results.

Windows Live Search was a replacement for MSN Search that came out in September of 2006. This search engine was an improvement from its predecessor because it allowed people to search using different tabs. Some examples of the tabs were images, news, and music.

In 2007, Microsoft decided to separate the search engine from Windows Live and make it its own entity. They changed the name to Live Search, dropping the Windows part. At this point, they also combined Microsoft's advertising with the search engine to bring in extra revenue.

However, as time went on, Microsoft realized that it would need to stop using "Live" in the search engine's name. That way, the branding would not be confused with any Windows Live products.

They chose to rename the search engine Bing because of their focus testing. Part of the appeal was that the URL was short, easily spelled, and could be used anywhere in the world.

How does Bing make money?

Bing's main source of income is their advertisements. The search engine also has a higher click through rate of their ads than Google. This might be because the userbase tends to be older, which means they may have a greater interest in the ads that they're shown.

how does bing make money

Companies place their advertisements on the platform. When people click through the ad, Bing earns a small amount of money. From there, it is the advertiser's job to convert that click into revenue for themselves.

Advertisers will often place ads on Bing as part of a larger advertising scheme. Google is the main place that advertisers go for pay-per-click and search engine optimization campaigns. However, Bing does have some advantages that make it appealing to advertisers in certain industries.

For example, Bing's users tend to be older. If you're in an industry with a generally older clientele, you might get better click through results using Bing instead of Google. In addition, Bing's users are likely to have money to spare, since most of them fall solidly in a middle or upper class demographic.

This makes Bing an ideal advertising space for businesses in luxury industries like cars and jewelry.

Which country uses Bing the most?

Bing is most commonly used by people in the US. In fact, about 85% of Bing's users are located in the US.

It is relatively rare for users to seek out actively as their search engine. Instead, most searches are done through the default settings on a Windows computer. This is why nearly half of Bing's searches go through an automatic Windows 10 system.

This is also why Bing has such a large market share when it comes to consoles. The Xbox console automatically uses Bing as its search engine. Most Xbox users don't bother to install a different search engine. Since Xbox makes up such a large portion of console gaming systems, Bing has a competitive edge in this sector.

Bing makes up about 19% of the total traffic in Hong Kong, which is the second highest amount globally. In the United States, Bing makes up a third of the total traffic. The next two countries with the highest amount of search engine traffic through Bing are Canada with 17% and Australia with 12%.




Bing is a global search engine that has the second highest search volume in the world. We hope these stats have helped you learn more about this company!

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