39 Best Healthcare SEO Companies & Agencies

39 Best Healthcare SEO Companies & Agencies

These are the best healthcare SEO companies / agencies that are helping healthcare companies generate more revenue with SEO.

If you're looking to work with a healthcare SEO agency that has generated millions of dollars of revenue for clients, you've come to the right place.

View the options below to see which agency you like the most.

1. Josh Ternyak

  • Location - Minnesota
  • Pricing - Contact Josh Ternyak on the website for a quote
  • Services - SEO, Link building, keyword research, digital strategies, web development, digital marketing

Josh Ternyak provides SEO services to businesses in the healthcare industry. He's been featured on news media sites like The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, and others. His SEO strategies have successfully pushed better rankings and earnings for small businesses and larger medical conglomerates around the world.

Taking a revenue-focused approach to growing the quantity and quality of web traffic, Josh's four-step plan begins with building a relationship with clients, generating leads with content marketing, and building high-quality backlinks. With over $4 million in generating revenue for clients, USAToday, TheSpruce, Money, Reader's Digest, DataBox, and RobinPowered are but some of the content Josh's clients have been featured on.

  • SEO clients - Onedesk, ServiceBell, SleepSources, WorthInsurance, and more.

2. The Status Bureau

  • Location - Vancouver, CA
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - Google Search Ads, Paid social media marketing, campaign analytics, SEOs

Canadian SEO businesses have begun to take off in recent years, which is partly to the efforts of entities like The Status Bureau.The Status Bureau is a web advertising company with a primary specialty in SEO. From overseeing and working on hundreds of major marketing campaigns, the Vancouver-based company understands what its customers need.

TSB is capable of creating ads on Google search results, analyzing campaigns, and delivering social media through numerous formats. Having been in business since 2006, The Status Bureau provides friendly services that are professional and worthwhile.

  • SEO clients - TELUS, Forefront Dermatology, Centric Health, Front Row Insurance, Saje

3. Sagapixel SEO

  • Location - Philadelphia, PA
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO, web design, content marketing, pay-per-click

Sagapixel consists of a group with experience in web design, SEO, and digital marketing, particularly for healthcare providers in relative legal firms. They can work remotely as a fill-in for the marketing needs of other organizations. Team staff can give great tips and results for advertising on social media and other marketing efforts that take place on the web.

Since their primary skill is search engine optimization, much of what they do centers around generating notoriety for companies through major internet portals, such as Google. Their primary framework is WordPress and Google Adwords for pay-per-click.

  • SEO clients - Affinity Healthcare Group, Lourdes Imaging Associates, Strokovsky Law, ZLED Lightning, Moccia Enterprises

4. Ignite Visibility

  • Location - San Diego, CA
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click, social media marketing

Ignite Visibility is a popular agency in the world of digital marketing. They gave digital marketing to businesses in numerous fields, one being in the healthcare industry. They rely on email, creative, and social media marketing for their clients, which number over 100.

John Lincoln, the head of Ignite Visibility, has been working in the direct marketing and advertising field for two decades and counting. Their focus on SEO and great results have given them recommendations from sources such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the New York Times.

  • SEO clients - Sharp Healthcare, National Funding, Tony Robbins, The General Insurance, Accredited Debt Relief, Cox Communications, DoorDash, The Maids International

5. WebFX

  • Location - Harrisburg, PA
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, advertising, content marketing, web development, pay-per-click, social media marketing

Hailing from Pennsylvania, WebFX creates quality web content for clients at good rates. Their efforts have generated lots of revenue for the health companies that have done business with them.

Since their initial start, they've driven an estimated $3 billion in total client revenue. Nearly 8 million qualified leads have been driven over five years. Their strategy guarantees more leads, transactions, and interaction with potential clients by phone.

  • SEO clients - Solar Alliance, Verizon, 1&1, Jiffy Lube, Dover Downs, Giant Foods, Wrangler, Us Fish, and Wildlife Service

6. Incrementors Web Solutions

  • Location - Sacramento, CA
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO, web design, lead generation, social media optimization, email marketing

IWS' goal is to create a web space that's more simplified for the customers they serve. To carry this out, they provide enough web development and SEO to narrow their focus on product development and not the efforts taken to get their name out to the local public.

There's no longer a need for any company to concern themselves with leads or the places they come from. IWS can faithfully perform traffic-boosting SEO services. With lots of recommendations from people that have worked alongside the company, they've grown a dedicated clientele that numbers in the thousands.

  • SEO clients - Canva, Yahoo Small Business, GreenHouse CBD, Cell Clinic Canada, Adoble, Tag Safari

7. Victorious

  • Location - Oakland, CA
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO

Victorious touts itself as a rare example of providing SEO and SEO alone. They construct campaigns on a long-term basis that work to boost search to different advertising channels rather than conducting SEO activities as a secondary service. Since SEO is their only service, they're able to develop ROIs for their clientele for strategic and lasting growth in business.

  • SEO clients - SoFi, Lime, Tupperware, TopGolf, FanDuel, Hallmark, Aravo, Groupon, Yahoo, Spotify, GE, Salesforce, GoFundMe, Heap Analytics, AngelList, Peerspace, Lytx, ClassDojo, ZenProspect, DraftKings, Audiomack, Offerpad

8. Digital Authority Partners

  • Location - Chicago, IL
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, marketing strategy, pay-per-click

Digital Authority Partners, or DAP, can give monetary and customer growth to companies to market themselves on Google and beyond. With their PPC endeavors, they can immediately content the audiences of companies and end with long-term relationships. DAP's team also builds user-friendly sites compatible with mobile, tablet, smart tv, PC, and laptop screen sizes and resolutions. Their return is two times greater funds paid for clients than much of the local competition.

  • SEO clients - Omron Healthcare, Dickson Data, Sanctuary Clothing, Geode Health, Crypto Dispensers, Athenahealth, Nestle

9. Straight North

  • Location - Chicago, IL
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, web design

Since 1997, Straight North has been committed to the marketing needs of its local and remote clients. They've since evolved into a high-rated SEO company with additional skills in web design, infographic design, and email marketing. Their experience in executing campaigns by working as a team, along with their ultimate goal of providing clients with a great ROI has provided Straight North with a dedicated following.

  • SEO clients - Keyence, Conduent, Donnelly Financial Solutions, Clover Network, First Data, Fiserv, Nicor Gas, Hub Group, UPS, HomeAdvisor, Harvard, Trustwave, New City Moving, Advanced Technology Solutions, Follett, Pro Stock Hockey, Mrs. Prindables, Affy Tapple, INE

10. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

  • Location - Dallas, TX
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, web design, social media marketing

Thrive seeks to give development, notoriety, and a good ROI to businesses that require a greater presence online. They've worked with a diverse range of companies in the service, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.

  • SEO clients - Restoration 1, Driver Support, Tavistock Restaurant Group, BMS Cat, Hurom (USA/Canada), Berryman Products, GAINSCO Auto Insurance, Ready Seal

11. SEO Brand

  • Location - Boca Raton, FL
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay per click

SEO Brand has been in the marketing business for over half a century. Their experience includes an impressive portfolio from major international and local companies in the Boca Raton area.

  • SEO clients - Ceridian, Mont Blanc, Sotheby's International Realty, LG, Uniden, Ceridian,, US Department of State Ritz, Carlton, DWK Life Sciences, Duty-Free Americas, Giorgio Armani, NHL, US Army, UFC, McGill University

12. Sure Oak

  • Location - Brooklyn, New York, NY
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, conversation optimization, content marketing, pay-per-click

Sure Oak's mission is to help its clients reach their web advertising goals. They're capable of doing this with their dedication to SEO and content marketing. As an SEO firm with a seasoned team that knows what companies need, including those in the health and medical sectors, Sure Oak is a lifeline for small businesses to grow their name recognition on the web. Link building and PPC are some of the alternatives they can provide on top of SEO.

  • SEO clients - American Red Cross, Mayflower, United Van Lines, Milk Bar, Bivvy, Earnest, The Doe, The Gap, Advance Auto Parts, Shoe Carnival, Exact Data, Noodle

13. Minty Digital

  • Location - Barcelona, Spain
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, per click, public relations

Minty Digital assists multiple advertising firms working with SEO and public relations on the internet. If there's a medical company that wishes to spread what they do to the world, Minty has the expertise to make it happen without error.

  • SEO clients - Halo, Stratx Simulations, Crisp, Airsiders, Carl Friedrick

14. Funnel Boost Media

  • Location - San Antonio, TX
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO, advertising, per click, web design

Funnel Boost Media is owned and operated by US veterans that understand the value of hard work and completing missions that are assigned. Helping businesses grow and climb to their highest potential is the primary objective. To do it necessitates all the qualities clients will find with them, which are a love for design, marketing, and giving worthwhile SEO with palpable conversion rates.

  • SEO clients - Prestige Emergency Room, Groomers Seafood, Zarka Law Firm, Farmers Insurance, North Park Audi, Club Humidor, San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Little Fin Therapies

15. Manta

  • Location - Lehi, UT
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO, digital marketing, web design

Manta is a large online company that works hard to assist small business growth. Their motive is to motivate such companies to climb to their greatest peak of notoriety by spreading what they do to the online world, building worthwhile SEO, and reinforcing the advantages of their niche. They help in the sale of products, and merchandise, and give customer service to clients made easily understandable, impactful, and competitive to rival companies of their clients.

  • SEO clients - 11th Street Coffee, Ivanti, Alegria Shoes, JD Power, Decisions

16. Wiideman

  • Location - La Mirada, CA
  • Pricing - $200 - $300 hourly
  • Services - SEO, digital strategy, marketing strategy

Wiideman is well-known in the La Mirada area but they also have a worldwide-based clientele. Their team has given SEO services to many established businesses online, including popular names in the e-commerce, franchise, and service sectors. Commonly rated for their remote SEO abilities, Wiideman's professionalism is proven by their numerous accolades and endorsements by major SEO figures in the industry.

  • SEO clients - Linksys, Disney Parks, IHOP, Applebee's Neighborhood Grill + Bar, Blaze Pizza, Public Storage, Bosley, Meineke Car Care Centers,, Technicolor USA, Skechers USA, Belkin

17. GenieCrawl

  • Location - Twickenham, UK
  • Pricing - $25 - $49 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay per click

Results are the most important thing for Genie Crawl. They offer high-quality services with corporate-level advertising campaign strategies but at a price that's competitive across the board.

The business needs of their clients are of utmost importance. They have a small but very experienced team that produces quick SEO and PPC results.Genie Crawl has been in the business of SEO for over half a decade.

With an understanding of marketing trends and evolutions that occur over the years, they're capable of helping medical companies reach local, regional, and worldwide clients they never would have picked up before.

  • SEO clients - Liza Jandolf, Racing Odds, and The Snooker Gym, Subway, Papa Johns, National Home Buyers, Craig McConnon

18. Devenup SEO

  • Location - Chernihiv, Ukraine
  • Pricing - $25 - $49 hourly
  • Services - Content Marketing, pay per click

As a Ukrainian business currently in operation, Devenup remains committed to giving SEO services to local and international customers. Their strategy is to mix various platforms to find sources for web traffic that's organic, authentic, and able to help health medical businesses in all areas where they exist.

Devenup can provide market research and competitor analysis, link building, and on-page SEO optimization. Additionally, their services branch off into data analysis, tracking, copywriting, general content marketing, and a setup of accounts, such as Google My Business.

  • SEO clients - Seenspire, Parley Pro, HLC Clinic, Bitlux Private Jet Travel, AeroJetMe Private Jet Company, Clear network, Life4Me, Canada Satellite, Dr. Benji Schreiber, MCFR, Apiiro, EmarketingInstitute

19. Netrocket

  • Location - Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO

Netrocket is based in Ukraine and has given results to health companies that wish to market their services through digital means of advertising.

Although their primary duties are SEO and PPC, they can also produce advertising for companies aiming to run ads on video sites, either with the platform itself or through content creators. Social media advertising on high-traffic sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin are available from Netrocket as well, no matter if clients are local and based elsewhere around the world.

  • SEO clients - illya kitchens, nearsens, telemetrytv, weareweb,, businessvisit

20. The SEO Works

  • Location - Sheffield, UK
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, advertising, web design

As an award-winning digital advertising company, The SEO Works builds marketing campaigns for web developers and companies, some of which are for pharmacies and educational institutions. They're committed to giving authentic and tangible results that drive company interest and growth.

  • SEO clients - Weldricks Pharmacy, House of Oak, IPAG Business School

21. The Upper Ranks

  • Location - Lakewood, NJ
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO

The Upper Ranks is internationally recognized, created and managed by David Farkas, based in New Jersey.They form working relationships with SEO businesses and larger public companies.

Since much of what's done by The Upper Rank takes place over the internet, clients are diverse, consisting of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and other tech enterprises.

TUR has grown its link-building expertise in the last decade they've been in operation, which now counts as a reliable SEO company to partner with.

  • SEO clients -, Cymatics, Outdoorsy

22. SmartSites

  • Location - Paramus, NJ
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-clicks, advertising, web design

SmartSites seeks to push more competition in the SEO industry by giving world-class services to companies with good rates and even better ROIs.

They've been consistently reviewed online and recommended by other health providers wanting digital growth. They offer free consultations over the phone and guarantee high traffic rates that are achievable in acceptable periods. SmartSites understands what companies need to rank high and how to use such services for wider recognition.

As a Google Premier and Facebook Marketing partner, they've been recognized in the news media for having the programming expertise to build websites with great compatibility.

  • SEO clients - Porsche, Harvard University, Rakuten, Poker Stars, Mickey Truck Bodies, A-Absolute Plumbing, NJIT, Rockville Interiors

23. PBJ Marketing

  • Location - Washington, DC
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay per click

PBJ Marketing SEO strategy involves using analytics for implementing their digital services. This also helps them produce brand recognition for clients that deliver web traffic at incredible rates. It's workable and deals with marketing that's cross-channeled, very creative, and consists of strategies backed by great data.

PBJ finds novel opportunities that are anything but traditional. And with the web's ever-changing landscape in the health sector, they're great for helping pharmacies, clinics, and private practices to market themselves.

  • SEO clients - Bayer, Chegg, Yale Medicine, Zappos, W Hotel, CallTrackingMetrics, University of Maryland, Volkswagen, Foremost Medical Equipment, National Education Association, Urban Libraries Council, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Arcus Foundation, American Security Project, and many more.

24. Fannit

  • Location - Seattle, WA
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO

Fannit has loads of SEO experience and wishes to prioritize sales and marketing strategies for businesses to grow beyond their expectations. As a business, they work as a team in developing SEO practices with a permanent impact from the efforts of their work.

  • SEO clients - Proliance Surgeons, KPD Insurance, The Jones Firm Personal Injury Attorney, Russell & Hill Personal Injury Attorney, Brain Injury Law of Seattle, On the Go Moving & Storage, Mercedes-Benz, Office heads, PacketDrivers IT Outsourcing, North Pacific Property Management, Waterfront Wellness, Carpet to Go, Sparkworks Media, Kirkland RV, Kingston Radon, New Life Rockeries, Survivalist Gear, Clean Attic & Crawl, Structures, Synoptek, Naimor Metal Fabrication, Community Health Center, Western Washington Medical Group

25. ThatWare LLP

  • Location - Howrah, India
  • Pricing - $25 hourly
  • Services - SEO

ThatWare began in 2018 through the ambitions of Tuhin Banik to give a one-of-a-kind SEO experience to companies that want a boost in web clients.  Along with SEO, ThatWare engages in the use of AI, data science, semantic search, and automation to dish out more traffic with a competitive ROI. Their goal is to grow web marketing solutions by using technology and team effort.

  • SEO clients -, Sunray Opticals Inc., RS Creative Technologies,, and 300+ clients with over 90% success rate and 95% retention factor.

26. MacRAE'S

  • Location - Mississauga, Canada
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO, digital strategy, web development, e-commerce development, web design

As a digital marketing agency from Canada, MacRAE is seasoned, picking up clients from every corner of North America and beyond. They're experienced and maintain working relationships with small businesses and multi-industry corporations. Their skills help customers raise their understanding and profit market through better marketing online.

  • SEO clients - Scott's Directories, MGA International Logistics, Conovey

27. Let's Get Optimized

  • Location - Toronto, Canada
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, web design, conversion optimization

Let's Get Optimized provides a basket of services, not just the standard SEO. They're been in operation for 10 years, giving digital marketing solutions to many organizations. They have partnerships with many Canadian brands and have taken their marketing expertise to establishments far away.

  • SEO clients - Kia, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Infiniti Motor Company

28. EvenDigit

  • Location - Indore, India
  • Pricing - $25 - $49 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, social media marketing, video production

EvenDigit is an expanding digital marketing company based in India with over a decade of experience in the field. They handle SEO, PPC, and marketing on social media. Their plans for implementing SEO can produce excellent ranking on multiple sites across the board, thanks to their knowledge of crucial platforms like Google Analytics, SEOMoz, Amazon Ads, and Bing Ad Management.

EvenDigit builds and maintains advertisements that clients want to be shown in search results, shopping organizations, and video content sites. As a bonus, EvenDigit is capable of building video animation in the form of infographics and content writing.

  • SEO clients - Australia Wide Annexes, Pretty Little Designs, Benvenuto Limos, Altizen, Bael Wellness, Genworks Health, Business Blockchain HQ, OmniBlend

29. Colorado SEO Pros

  • Location - Golden CO
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO

Colorado SEO Pros is an SEO firm that provides local, regional, and international assistance for enterprises and their marketing needs. They help major leaders in the industry carry out solutions to SEO problems with positive results.

  • SEO clients - Spectrum, Ciber, K2, Monico, Hamill Creek Timber Homes

30. Momentic

  • Location - Milwaukee, WI
  • Pricing - $150 - $199 hourly
  • Services - SEO, digital strategy

A Milwaukee-based digital ad agency, Momentic primary specialty is SEO and digital strategy, the core essentials that many in the current healthcare industry need to succeed. They've worked with credit unions, service industry companies, and health-related organizations.

  • SEO clients - Stan's Fit For Your Feet, UW Credit Union, Regal Rexnord, JME Sales, ESPRO, Harken, Sheet Music Direct, Fleet Farm, ADVENT, Stella & Chewy's

31. HigherVisibility

  • Location - Memphis, TN
  • Pricing - $100 - $149 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, social media marketing, web design

HigherVisibility offers web marketing centering around great ROI generation and strong leads. The company makes note of how today's businesses seek out SEO companies for these two purposes and make a great effort to let it show from the work they do, down to the customer service given to clients.

  • SEO clients - Caliber Collision, NewEgg, Allied Van Lines, Quest

32. Brainvire Infotech Inc

  • Location - Milpitas, CA
  • Pricing - $25 - $49 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, e-commerce development, web development

Brainvire Infotech Inc has an impressive portfolio that includes SEO and web development work for companies in the entertainment and transportation industries. But their effort is also suggested by doctors and pharmacists working in private practice and larger medical enterprises.

  • SEO clients - Dr. Reddy, Trophy – Fabcars, Texas Art Supply, Krispy Kreme, HVACDirect, Tent and Table, Ajmal Perfumes, Alokozay, Landmark, Alghanim

33. REQ

  • Location - Washington, DC
  • Pricing - $150 - $199 hourly
  • Services - SEO, advertising, public relations, branding

REQ has won numerous awards for the work they do regarding SEO and web communication. They aim to stay ahead of changes made by implementing features and making changes before their immediate competitors do the same.

The objective of this is to provide their clients with a layer of protection, where worldwide businesses can reach levels they might have thought were far-fetched. With solutions that give new meaning to brands and the way they connect with potential clients, REQ has been recommended by several media organizations.

  • SEO clients - Vantage Data Centers, Satellites, Centene Corporation, Polycom, PhRMA, National Association of Broadcasters, American Chemistry Society, Vegas Chamber, UNICEF, API, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, GSK, Pfizer, Ascension, Disney, Cava, Chopt, Bibigo, Skanska, Empire State Building, MGM Resorts, Hard Rock, Atlas Air, Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU), Cōpare, Human Rights Campaign, Forcepoint, Solarwinds

34. RivalMind

  • Location - St. Charles, IL
  • Pricing - $150 - $199 hourly
  • Services - SEO, web design, pay-per-click, web advertising

RivalMind is in operation to make businesses better at reaching customers that belong to their niche. They drive transformative development and one-of-a-kind, bringing new meaning to the term digital marketing.

From the creation of gauged experiences made to attract, convert, and motivate traffic that produces sales and profit, RivalMind has the tools and professional team needed for top-level advertising.

One of digital marketing's greatest leaders, the insights provided to companies for marketing and other services based on advisory can produce monetary and life-altering results.

  • SEO clients - Bracing Systems, Advanced Transmission, Vertec BioSolvents

35. Whites

  • Location - Warszawa, Poland
  • Pricing - $50 - $99 hourly
  • Services - SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click, e-commerce marketing

Whites is a major digital marketing team with knowledgeable staff ready to help health industry leaders in all areas grow their web rankings. Utilizing tech that's innovative and far-reaching, their efforts have been rewarded and depended on by hundreds of clients based around the globe.

  • SEO clients - Henkel, Decathlon, Orange, Discovery Channel, Netguru, DHL, Bosch, Nestlé, Medicover, Randstad, Etam, Virgin Mobile

36. SEO Sherpa

  • Location - United Arab Emirates
  • Pricing - Contact the website for the price
  • Services - SEO, pay per click

SEO Sherpa won the MENA Search Awards for Best SEO Campaign Winner in 2018 and 2019. They've also won accolades as one of the best agencies in the industry between 2018 and 2020. Clients that are searching for a company that can help them rank higher in search engines would be in good hands with SEO Sherpa.

The company's primary office is located in Dubai but has a clientele that's just as international as the city they call home to. Most of their team works remotely and gives solutions to businesses anywhere they need service.

Additionally, for healthcare businesses in need of rankings from the region-specific areas, their teaming is sure to deliver good returns and a boost in sales.

  • SEO clients - HSBC Bank, Toni Malt, Nissan, Damac, Farfetch, Harper's Bazaar, Informa, Standard Chartered, Bulletproof, Pet's Delight, Guinness World Records

37. Volume Nine

  • Location - Denver, CO
  • Pricing - Contact the website for the price
  • Services - SEO, social media marketing, content marketing

Volume Nine has worked effortlessly to create a digital marketing agency like no other. They make and maintain web marketing campaigns that stand out from the competition, which is needed since so much SEO is begun as the primary way that medical firms and healthcare companies make the public become aware of their existence.

Their SEO strategy succeeds through communication with digital marketing teams, either from the businesses they help or through understanding how companies want to sell their services online.

  • SEO clients -, Aspen Snowmass, Backcountry, Volkswagen, Vitamin World, Dillards, Helen of Troy, Lands' End, Teleflora, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Little Tikes, Davita

38. Direct Online Marketing

  • Location - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Pricing - $150 - $199 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, advertising, CRM consulting and SI, web design, branding, conversion optimization, social media marketing

Direct Online Marketing was listed under Google's top-level digital marketing companies in 2006. With a primary location in Pittsburgh and a satellite in Wheeling, West Virginia, they're gone on to assist clients worldwide, providing digital marketing and SEO to over 100 countries.

When a healthcare business begins a partnership with DOM, they get digital advisory assistance on top of SEO, PPC, and CRM consulting that comes as a package.

  • SEO clients - PerimeterX, xMatters, ECA Partners, BEAM, Unified Bank, Omatic Software, WATT Fuel Cell, Tandem Life, Today's Home, Uncle Charley's, Highlights, Savannah College of Art & Design, SEGRA, Starks Age Management, Appen, Kashi, Woodcraft, Community Veterinary Partners, Morehouse College, Infoworks, Equal, Industry West, Chamberlain, Ashford, Corporate Visions

39. RegisTeam

  • Location - Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Pricing - $25 - $49 hourly
  • Services - SEO, pay-per-click, CRM counseling

RegisTeam is an SEO agency that stays true to its main goal, which is to maximize digital growth for clients and help them generate new customers at the lowest possible cost. Health companies they've accomplished this for have gone on to see online gains, thanks to their analytics and drive by the agency to push them toward first-page rankings.

  • SEO clients - LR Health and Beauty, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Hitachi Power Tools



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