SEO Expert & Consultant With $4 Million Revenue Generated

SEO Expert & Consultant With $4 Million Revenue Generated

If you're looking for an SEO and link building expert who has mastered an SEO system that's proven to get results, you've come to the right place.

I've been featured in some of the internet's biggest media outlets, including Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, and more.

My SEO clients have been featured in some of the internet's biggest media outlets, including USAToday, Money, BizJournals, DataBox, TheSpruce, SnackNation, Score, RobinPowered, Reader's Digest, and many more.

So, keep reading to learn how my link building consulting services can help you get higher rankings and more organic traffic.

What makes me, Josh Ternyak, an SEO?

For over 3 years, I've been using link building strategies such as HARO, industry studies, the skyscraper technique, PR, and viral marketing to build links that most people can only dream of getting. My link building system has helped my SEO clients generate over $1 million in revenue.

When Onedesk hired me to do their link building and SEO, their organic traffic increased from 70 to over 70,000 unique visitors per month in around 12 months.

link building expert with results

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What does a link building consultant do?

A link building consultant is considered an expert at building authoritative and relevant links that move the SEO needle - in any industry. Link building consultants implement link building campaigns, HARO link building, backlink management, local link building, and more.

Why do I need an SEO expert?

Your business needs an SEO expert to get more leads and generate more revenue from organic traffic. Getting more organic traffic can be achieved if you have high-quality and authoritative backlinks.

The problem is: most business owners don't have the time or skills to build the links their website needs to rank on the 1st page.

This is where an SEO expert or consultant comes in to help.

10 Ways An SEO Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

Link building is a vital part of SEO and growing your online business.

You can expect the following benefits if you hire a link building consultant:

Benefits Of Link Building Experts Description
1. Better search rankings I can build authority links in any niche which improve rankings.
2. More organic traffic & qualified leads I focus on creating content your customers are searching for.
3. Creating linkable content Industry studies, infographics, definitive guides, and ego bait.
4. Fix Broken Backlinks I'll find broken link opportunities.
5. Guest Posting I'll create guest posts for other websites in your niche.
6. Turning Brand Mentions Into Backlinks A fairly simple way to build more backlinks.
7. Public Relations A great way to get authority backlinks and referral traffic.
8. Audit & Strategy I'll audit your content and link building strategies.
9. Content Creation I'll create content on topics your customers are searching for.
10. Outreach I'll promote your content to influencers and bloggers.

1. Better search rankings

Hiring an expert link builder means you'll be working with someone who knows how to build authority links in any niche - links that will move the SEO needle and result in higher search engine rankings.

2. More organic traffic & qualified leads

The more high-quality and relevant backlinks a website has, the more organic traffic the website will receive. I focus on creating content your customers are searching for so your organic traffic can convert into qualified leads.

3. Creating linkable content

Creating linkable content (aka linkable assets) can be done in several ways:

  1. Industry Studies (Data & Research)
  2. Infographics
  3. Definitive Guides
  4. Ego Bait

4. Fix Broken Backlinks

All across the web, there is a very large amount of broken backlinks that aren't being fixed.

This is because at one point in time a website may have linked to another.

However, the page they linked to may not exist or have changed name.

The website owner is still likely interested in linking to a relevant piece of content.

The broken backlink turns into a great link building opportunity for other website owners.

As a link building consultant, I'll help you find broken link opportunities which can result in contextual backlinks for your website.

5. Guest Posting

Instead of waiting years for other websites to link to you, guest posting allows you to create high-quality articles for other website owners to then post on their own website.

The best part about guest posting is your website typically receives a backlink and a brand mention - both of which will help your SEO.

This link building strategy works well if you do it properly and according to Google's guidelines. Doing it the wrong way comes with a few caveats:

  1. If Google thinks that you're trying to game their system, then they will penalize you. An example of this would be spamming guest posts on low-quality sites.
  2. Paying for guest posts is not allowed, which includes "payment" in the form of reciprocal links.

When working with a qualified link building consultant, you won't need to worry about getting penalized by Google. You'll just enjoy and reap the rewards of high-quality websites linking to yours in guest posts.

6. Turning Brand Mentions Into Backlinks

If you have an established brand, then there's a good chance other websites have mentioned your website without linking to it.

Turning brand mentions into backlinks involves:

  1. Finding websites that have mentioned yours but not linked to it.
  2. Contacting those websites and asking them to add a link.

Overall, turning brand mentions into backlinks is a simple and fairly easy way to build more backlinks.

7. Public Relations

PR link building is a great way to get more high-quality backlinks, brand mentions, and referral traffic. Here are several tools a link building consultant can use to do PR for your website.

  1. Help A Reporter Out (HARO)
  2. Terkel
  3. Qwoted
  4. ProfNet
  5. Forbes Councils
  6. Quora
  7. SourceBottle
  8. Business Journals Leadership Trust
  9. Twitter (#journorequests)
  10. GLG
  11. OnePitch

8. Audit & Strategy

Auditing your existing link building strategies (if you have them) is another important way a link building consultant can help you.

Here are the two main things I focus on when auditing link building:

  1. I'll audit your content to find backlink opportunities.
  2. I'll audit your competitors' backlinks to see opportunities to replicate.

9. Content Creation

  1. Identifying the keywords you want to rank for and creating a keyword research/content plan.
  2. Analyzing top-performing content in your industry to find low-hanging opportunities to replicate.
  3. Creating content around keywords that will drive more leads (and revenue).
  4. Finding guest posting opportunities that will result in brand mentions and backlinks.
  5. Creating content that is designed to consistently build links, even while you sleep.

10. Outreach

Creating the best content on the internet doesn't mean anyone is going to read it. I'll handle promoting content to bloggers and influencers in your industry who have the ability to share and link to it.

Looking For Professional SEO Services?

If you're looking for professional link building services, you're in the right place.

I've been building authority links in a variety of industries for the last 2 years, and I'm ready to do the same for your business.

Schedule a call with me today to learn about the link building services I can offer you.

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