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Hey 👋, I'm Josh Ternyak, a Webflow SEO consultant.

I'm a Webflow SEO expert
with worldclass results.

I've generated over $1 million in revenue for businesses with Webflow and SEO. Want me to do the same for your business?

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Drive more traffic, links and rankings to your Webflow website.

Start earning more qualified search traffic to your Webflow website today with a custom Webflow SEO campaign.

Webflow and SEO Services That Drive Revenue Growth

I offer conversion-driven SEO services to ensure your business ranks 1st for keywords your customers are searching for.

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SEO Results You Can't Ignore

A website isn't enough for your business to achieve revenue growth. You'll need a custom SEO strategy and system to scale organic traffic, and revenue.

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Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Josh Ternyak. I help online businesses generate more revenue by ranking 1st in Google.

I've mastered an SEO system that is proven to get results - in any industry.

My Webflow SEO clients have been featured in some of the internet's biggest media outlets, including USAToday, Money, DataBox, TheSpruce, SnackNation, Score, Reader's Digest, and more.

Reach out to me - I love meeting new people.

josh ternyak

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What Customers Are Saying

roman peysakhovich

"Josh helped us grow our organic traffic from 70 to 70,000+ unique visitors per month in a little over a year, resulting in over $1 million revenue generated. If you are in any hesitation to start working with Josh, then don’t think any more!"

Roman Peysakhovich (CEO & Founder)

benjamin aronson

"Josh is an extremely talented SEO with a proven track record. He has a very unique approach to SEO which gets results, and always thinks out of the box. I highly recommend working with him."

Benjamin Aronson (CEO)

jordan tuwiner

“I’d highly recommend Josh’s services. As an experienced SEO, it was hard to find SEO audits that provided new insights and strategies. Josh took a look at my site and gave dozens of actionable tips that helped increase traffic and revenue.

Jordan Tuwiner (CEO & Founder) Of BuyBitcoinWorldWide

Simple SEO process for Webflow sites

Step 1

Project Request

At the beginning of our collaboration is the project request. After you fill out the contact form, we will arrange a video call. On the call, I'll ask you questions to learn about your business.

Step 2

Keyword Research/Content Plan

Here I will research your industry to find keywords that potential customers are searching for. I'll create a document of the keywords that will result in more leads and revenue for your business.

I place emphasis on frequent and transparent communication (e.g. via Slack), so we can collaborate and bounce ideas off eachother.

Step 3


I won't just send you a list of keywords your site should rank for, I'll also build out all of the pages and articles from A to Z.

Step 4

Link Building

I'll setup a custom link building strategy for your business which will take your SEO to the next level. 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webflow SEO?

Webflow SEO is the process of optimizing your Webflow website to rank for keywords that your customers are searching for. Webflow gives you a lot of SEO headroom, and makes doing SEO in Webflow easy. Search engine crawlers are able to easily scan Webflow websites to understand their content and rank indexed pages accordingly.

Why is Webflow SEO important?

Making sure your Webflow site is SEO optimized will help your business rank in search engines, get organic traffic, and generate leads from customers who are searching for your services online. It's important that your Webflow SEO is stellar because than you have a chance at outranking the competition.

Is Webflow good for SEO?

Yes, Webflow is good for SEO for several reasons. First, it has built-in SEO plugins that show you actionable ways to improve your site's SEO. Second, websites built in Webflow load quickly, which is a proven ranking factor. Third, Webflow websites have clean code without code bloat which helps your users have a good experience on your website. This signals to Google and other search engines that you have a website worth ranking on the 1st page.

How do I optimize SEO on Webflow?

Here are the most impactful tips to help you optimize SEO on Webflow:

  • Add SEO titles and meta descriptions to all pages to ensure search engines know what your content is about
  • Set up proper URL structures to help search engines and users navigate your website
  • Use proper header tags to help search engines understand and rank your content
  • Check your website navigation and structure to ensure users can easily navigate through your website
  • Connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics to find useful data about your website's users
  • Make sure it loads quickly by checking advanced publishing options and minifying images, as well as CSS and JS files.
  • Build authoritative backlinks from websites in your industry (I share some strategies on our consultation call)

Is Webflow better than Wordpress for SEO?

Neither one is better, and this is someone who's built dozens of Wordpress websites before switching to Webflow. The truth is: both Webflow and Wordpress are platforms that allow people to build websites and manage website content. However, as more factors affect SEO scores such as your website's load-speed, clean code, content, and ability to add meta, it is more beneficial to use Webflow in 2022 and beyond.

Webflow has everything that you need to get organic traffic and customers from organic search. And the best part is no additional SEO plugins are required. This is one of my favorite aspects of using Webflow, I always feel that I'm getting the best results with Webflow, no matter if I'm working on a clients' website, or my own.

What services do you offer?

I offer Webflow development and SEO services (keyword research, content creation, link building). Your business needs a full-suite of services to be able to accelerate growth and revenue.

Who do you work with?

I focus on working with businesses in all types of industries who already generate at least five figures in revenue per month. I’m very selective about who I take on as a client. I've worked with mattress companies, SaaS companies, therapy companies, cryptocurrency companies, and affiliate websites.

How much do your Webflow and SEO services cost?

Pricing depends on the project. I typically discuss pricing for my clients on the consultation call. I work only on retainer-based agreements because I'm looking to invest in long-term relationships.

Why should I work with you over an agency?

If you have to ask, then we're not a good fit. I've personally helped companies generate over $1 million in revenue over the last 2 years, and I'm ready to do the same for your business.